Your cooperation as an advisor and broker
with Aon and One Underwriting

Via Aon Groep Nederland BV you have the option of placing risks with insurers with which you have no cooperation. The insurance policies offered by One Underwriting (Aon's house proxy company) are also available to you at that time. In addition to a collaboration with Aon, you have a collaboration with One Underwriting, laid down in a collaboration agreement between parties.

Optimal customer service is teamwork

Insurance is teamwork. You as an advisor and we, One Underwriting, as a developer and distributor of insurance products, have our own role, responsibility and obligations in this. Together we want to offer the customer the best service.

For example, we offer insurance products that meet an insurance need, both private, commercial and for government institutions / NGOs. We monitor developments in the market. We periodically assess each product by testing it against a large number of preconditions (the PAR Procedure). This procedure has a main focus on customer interest. Your feedback on the suitability of an insurance product for a specific target group is essential for this. The laws and regulations prescribe that you as an advisor provide this feedback. After all, you know better than anyone how to articulate the customer's needs.

This information is important for us to offer products that are suitable for that insurance customer.

What does One Underwriting expect from you?

As a cooperation partner, you naturally have a valid Wft license, you have an important signaling function and you meet the legal standards and product development standards.

  • You have a valid Wft license. Do you not have a valid license, or are you not an affiliated broker with another broker who has an agreement with us? Then we are forced to stop our services to you.
  • You fulfill all obligations imposed on intermediaries by the Wft.
  • All persons within your company who advise clients have the required diplomas and valid continuing education. You ensure that your customer employees are and remain constantly informed of developments in the insurance market (permanently updated). For other employees who serve customers, you have set up your business operations in such a way that these employees are professionally qualified.
  • You ensure that you provide the correct IPID (insurance card) to the customer. You will find the insurance cards for the products that you take out through us at Documenten.
  • You understand the products that you advise and / or for which you mediate. You also know for which target group the product is suitable.
  • You have give us feedback on, for example:
    • the suitability of the insurance product for the target group described
    • not providing an insurance product with the required insurance need
    • the malfunctioning of an insurance product in practice.
    Do you want to pass on a signal? Please complete the alert form.

  • You work proactively in answering questions we ask you, for example about the operation of our products or their suitability for the target group described.
  • You refrain from cross-selling.

How do you request a quote or provisional cover?

  • Would you like to request a quote?

    You contact Aon. Aon approaches one or more risk carriers. Also One Underwriting may have to make an offer after risk assessed.

  • Check whether the customer fits within the target group

    Only advise a product if your customer fits within the target group. Let us know if you notice that a product does not suit (part of) the target group.

  • Insurance cards

    You will find the insurance cards for the products that you take out through us at Documents.

  • Temporary coverage

    You may not accept an application for insurance on behalf of One Underwriting

More information

Insurance cards

You can find the insurance cards at Documents.


Below you will find our contact details for:

Quotes & product information

For quotes or product information, please contact the
TPO Amsterdam department by phone : 020-4305506 / 020-4305560

Reporting damage

Please contact our claims department via e-mail address or by telephone.

Passing on a signal about an insurance product

Do you like to give feedback about for example:

  • the suitability of the insurance product for the target group described?
  • not providing an insurance product with the required insurance need?
  • the malfunctioning of an insurance product in practice?

Please pass on a signal via the alertform at the right side of this page.

Alert form