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You can contact your advisor for advice, reporting changes and reporting claims. One Underwriting takes care of the management and handling of your insurance. As a result, you may come across One Underwriting on your policy or deal with us directly in a claim settlement.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do we collaborate with the advisory and mediation company?

As an authorized underwriter, we act as the link between insurance companies and the companies that provide advice and mediation.

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What is an authorized underwriter?

An authorized underwriter is a professional financial service provider that has been authorized to act directly on behalf of one or more insurers or banks. An authorized underwriter does almost everything that an insurer, mortgage providing bank, or financing company does. The term `almost¿ applies because an authorized underwriter bears no financial risks. This has been laid down in law. An authorized underwriter has received its own authorization from the Dutch Authority for the Financial Markets (AFM).
Authorized agents are financial service providers with an important added value ¿ their authorization. These mean that they can provide services better and more quickly.

Can an authorized underwriter also act as an intermediary?

Yes. The private authorized underwriter company can then be used to provide support for advisory and mediation activities. The performance of the business activities of both companies also takes place in separate businesses. There are also authorized underwriters that work with multiple mediators, ranging from the dozens to the hundreds. In popular terms, large authorized underwriters act as financial warehouses.

How do I know whether a financial service provider is an authorized underwriter?

The letter head or their website usually has this information. You can also evaluate the policy: if the policy or agreement has been signed by a financial service provider instead of by the insurance company or bank, then you are almost definitely dealing with an authorized underwriter. You can also check the registry of financial service providers at; the list of members of the Netherlands Association of Authorized Underwriting Agents is available at

How does this better inform me?

A financial service provider that is an authorized underwriter offers you a wide range or advantages. They can handle, accept, and process applications for insurance, finance, mortgage policies, or other financial products entirely independently, meaning an insurer or bank doesn't need to get involved. This makes it faster and more efficient. You are not at any risk in this case, as banks and insurers are bound by what the financial service provider has agreed with you in its capacity as an authorized underwriter.

And in the event of a claim?
As an authorized underwriter, the financial service provider also arranges this on its own. This is particularly beneficial if you value good, fast, and personalized service without bureaucratic delays.

Does the authorized underwriter also provide personalized services?

Authorized underwriters are professionals who can supply the right financial product, whether it concerns insuring a car or fleet of vehicles, a residential house or factory complex; or agreeing an individual or collective health care insurance policy. In addition to standard financial products from banks and insurers, authorized underwriters can provide tailored products in the form of their own authorized underwriter products. They can ¿ in consultation with the insurer ¿ modify the prices or conditions of regular standard company products.
They can also design a new financial product if it would better match your financial situation. Such policies or agreements usually feature the name of the office of the authorized underwriter on documentation. The authorized underwriter can also develop its own new financial product and bring it to market under its own brand name. Such own products of authorized underwriters would be the `own brand¿ of the authorized underwriter.

How can I see whether I have a product from an authorized underwriter?

It's very simple. In such cases, the policy or agreement is signed by the authorized underwriter itself. They do this on behalf of one or more insurance companies or banks, which are called risk bearers and are listed separately on the policy or agreement. If there are more than one, then their part or share will be specified. For insurance policies, the following example applies:p>

50% insurance company X, 30% insurance company Y en 20% procent insurance company Z.

Is a product from an authorized underwriter as good as a as a standard product of an insurer?

Yes. After all, the risk bearers are always well-known companies. For your application, policy management, and claim settlement, you will only need to contact one trusted service provider: the authorized underwriter.

Do I need to pay an authorized underwriter extra for their services?

No. Authorized underwriters relieve insurers and banks of a lot of work. This is why authorized underwriters receive separate remuneration from these parties. You do not pay extra. This separate remuneration is only for the work of the authorized underwriter.

How independent is an authorized agent?

The authorized underwriter has received an authorization from one to dozens of insurers and banks. The authorized underwriter can therefore act independently for them. However, the authorized underwriter is not obligated to assign financial products to the parties from which the authorized underwriter has received an authorization. In principle, the authorized underwriter will choose an authorized product that best suits you as they wholly control the provision of services.

Is it safe to enter into an agreement with an authorized underwriter?

Definitely! An authorized underwriter fully meets the requirements set out by the Dutch Authority for the Financial Markets (AFM). Furthermore, banks and insurers that grant authorizations to providers of financial services also set extra requirements concerning professional competence, transparency, and integrity.

Most authorized underwriters are members of the Netherlands Association of Authorized Underwriting Agents (NVGA), which has its own standards of quality.

All authorized underwriters are members of the Dutch Institute for Financial Disputes (KIFID).

Dutch Institute for Financial Disputes (KIFID) (KIFID)
Postbus 93257, 2509 AG Den Haag -

If you have a complaint concerning a health insurance policy, then you can contact the Dutch Foundation for Health Insurances Complaints and Disputes (SKGZ).

Dutch Foundation for Health Insurances Complaints and Disputes (SKGZ)
Postbus 29, 3700 AG Zeist -