At One Underwriting BV we assume trust. Yet we also know that a small group of people abuse that trust by committing fraud. Because we do not want honest customers to be disadvantaged by this group of people, we actively combat fraud.

What do we mean by fraud?

By fraud we mean 'the deliberate (deliberate) disadvantage of our companies in order to benefit (or have someone else) financially benefit from it'. Examples of fraud are:

  • deliberately providing incorrect information when applying for insurance or when submitting a claim (for example, about the course of damage, previous cancellations or a criminal record, not being completely honest about the circumstances surrounding the occurrence of the damage or the possession or purchase of the claimed goods, etc.)
  • report more money and / or goods than has actually been stolen in a burglary
  • involvement in arson
  • deliberately causing damage and pretending to be an accident
  • pretending there is an injury or exaggerating the injury
  • after a rejected damage report the same damage again with a different story

What do we do to combat and prevent fraud?

We have several ways to find out the truth and detect fraud. Just like insurers, we have fraud indicators and automated knowledge systems to detect fraud. FISH is such a knowledge system in which the damage history and specific fraud information from the entire Dutch market is collected and with which we can properly detect fraud. This system is part of our underwriting and claims handling process.

What do we do when fraud is suspected?

If we suspect fraud, we always conduct a further investigation first. We will inform the (possible) fraudster about this. In our fraud policy, we comply with the laws and regulations in the field of fraud, such as:

What measures do we take?

Wij nemen maatregelen als we ontdekken dat het om fraude gaat. Denk aan:

  • not compensate the damage
  • reclaim the investigation costs incurred and the claims already paid out
  • cancel one or all insurance policies
  • do not enter into contracts with this person in the future
  • include personal data in our internal incident register
  • where applicable: report personal data to the CIS Foundation (Central Information System), so that it is included in the warning system. We use this to warn other insurers. More information about this can be found in the Protocol Incident Warning System Financial Institutions and on
  • report it to the police

How do we inform insured persons who commit fraud?

If an investigation shows that a customer is indeed fraudulent, the fraudster will be notified in writing of our decision and of the measures we have taken. This will in any case state what this fraud means for the relationship with us (possible cancellation), whether we register the fraud and whether we report it to the police.

We charge costs

If fraud is committed in a claim, we can charge the standard compensation for internal investigation costs of € 532. In addition to these costs for our fraud investigation, we can also reclaim other costs incorrectly incurred. For example, the amount of damage that has been paid out. In addition, if there is fraud when applying for insurance, we can charge internal costs of € 101. For the recovery of costs we use SODA (Service Organization Direct Liability). More information about SODA can be found at

When do we report the matter to the police?

We report fraud to the police if:

  • this makes sense (for example in the event of significant financial loss, organized fraud, major infringement of social and business economic interests)
  • there is a prospect of the return of goods (think of stolen cars)
  • if requested by the police

Do you want to report fraud?

If you suspect that an insured or another relationship of One Underwriting BV is fraudulent, you can inform us. To do so, please contact our fraud coordinators by sending an email to:

You can also report anonymously to Meld Misdaad Anoniem on 0800 7000