Complaints Procedure

What to do if you have a complaint?

Of course, we do our utmost best to make sure you are satisfied with our services. However, if you are not satisfied with the service provided by Aon or by the insurance company, we would like to hear that from you. Together we will look for a solution.

What does Aon do with your complaint?

Of course, we want you to be satisfied with Aon. We will therefore do everything we can to handle your complaint satisfactorily. In addition, your complaint is reason for us to check whether we can improve our services. Your complaint will be registered in our complaints registration system, after which your complaint will be handled by a personal complaints coordinator. He / she will consult with the relevant department on how we can resolve the complaint for you. You will receive a substantive response within 15 working days. We will inform you if more time is needed to process your complaint.

Where can you go?

There are several ways you can let us know that you are not satisfied:

  • Via email - You can send your complaint by email to or, if your complaint is about your health insurance, to
  • Your own contact person - You can always contact your contact person. Problems can usually be resolved quickly and adequately in a personal conversation.
  • Written - You can submit your complaint in writing to Aon Nederland cv, Postbus 518, 3000 AM Rotterdam.
  • Internet - Our website also offers you the opportunity to respond. You can do this via our online complaint form.

Aren't you satisfied?

Experience shows that most complaints are handled satisfactorily by Aon. If we are unable to reach a satisfactory solution together, you can submit your complaint to the:

If you are not satisfied with the settlement of your complaint with regard to the implementation of your health insurance, you can submit your complaint to: