Collaboration One Underwriting and Aon

Aon werkt geregeld samen met gevolmachtigd agent One Underwriting. Deze 100% dochter van Aon Nederland beschikt over volmachten van een groot aantal verzekeraars in de markt.

Aon works freqently with authorized agent One Underwriting for the insurance of common risks. As One Underwriting works with a group of specially selected insurers, you can count on:

  • a price advantage; we do not have to negotiate each risk separately with insurance companies
  • customization as we tailor the policy conditions and premium to the risk group
  • a fast and efficient process as fixed conditions and premiums have been agreed for each risk group
  • good claims handling with a personal touch through the collaboration between One Underwriting and Aon

What does Aon do and what does One Underwriting do?

  • You can contact your adviser Aon for advice, reporting changes and reporting damage.
  • One Underwriting manages and handles your insurance and claims.

Unbound selective mediation

The collaboration between Aon and One Underwriting belongs to the category of 'independent selective mediation'.
This means: the insurance intermediary is not bound to the authorized agent and can approach another insurer at his own discretion.
The mediation is selective: the insurance intermediary places the risk with a pre-selected group of insurers via the authorized agent.

Transparency in costs and remuneration

  • For the work as an authorized agent, One Underwriting receives a fee from the insurance companies (signing commission)
  • Aon does not receive a different or higher remuneration from One Underwriting for the mediation than is received from insurance companies
  • Aon also does not receive a reward for proper claims development, just as One Underwriting does not receive such a reward

More information about the collaboration

More information about this collaboration can be found in the NVGA proxy brochure or in the Frequently Asked Questions.

Conflicting interests

We do everything we can to prevent conflicts of interest.