What do we do?

As an agent with the power of attorney, we have been granted authorization to independently accept insurance policies and settle claims by a large group of specially selected insurers. We have the power of attorney over general insurance, income insurance, and healthcare insurance policies.

We optimally manage your insurance

With our knowledge and efficient systems, we ensure that the management of your insurance and the handling of claims are optimally arranged.

This is how we can provide appropriate insurance, ensure that your policy is quickly delivered to you, and that our own claims department can quickly and professionally handle claims.

Everything is immediately arranged within our company. We provide speed, convenience, flexibility, and quality.


What is an authorized agent?

How independent is an authorized agent?

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Speed, convenience, flexibility, and quality

  • Fast and efficient service: from offers to claims handling.
  • Convenience: your advisor works closely with One Underwriting. With all the expertise under one roof, our lines of communication are short. This ensures that we can quickly provide a high-quality service offering advice and ensuring practical handling of affairs.
  • Flexibility: as we can manage insurance policies for a number of insurers, we can ensure the coverage of your insurance is aligned with the specific risks facing your company.
  • Quality is very important to us. That is why, in addition to enforcing an active anti-fraud policy, we meet the legal and contractual obligations as well as the quality standards specified by the Netherlands Association of Authorized Underwriting Agents (NVGA).

One Underwriting is not the risk bearer of the insurance policy - the insurer is.


Quality is very important to us. That is why we comply with legal and contractual obligations, the quality standards of the NVGA and we have an active fraud policy.


Legal and contractual obligations

High demands are rightly set on the quality of financial service providers in the Netherlands. Within Aon, these quality requirements are very actively implemented. This also applies to the authorized agent. One Underwriting makes every effort to always comply with all legal and contractual obligations. This is tested by the insurers who have granted a power of attorney to One Underwriting and by an external accountant.

Quality standards NVGA

We are also a member of the Dutch Association of Authorized Insurance Companies (NVGA). In addition to advocacy, this trade association is strongly engaged in safeguarding and enhancing the quality of authorized agents in general and of its members in particular.
One Underwriting BV is an active member of the NVGA and we meet the quality standards of the NVGA.

Fraud policy

We have an active policy to prevent and combat fraud. Like insurers, we have fraud indicators and automated knowledge systems to detect fraud and take action if we discover that it is fraud.

More information can be found in our fraud policy.

Collaboration between One Underwriting and Aon

As an authorized agent, One Underwriting is a linking partner between the advisory and brokerage company Aon Nederland and the insurers. The collaboration between Aon and One Underwriting belongs to the category of 'independent selective mediation'. This means: Aon is not bound by One Underwriting and can approach another insurer at its option. The mediation is selective: Aon places the risk via One Underwriting with a pre-selected group of insurers. .

Read more about the collaboration between One Underwriting and Aon.